Steps in the filing process

First, you will create an account with a username and password. Next, you will answer questions for your federal (and state, if applicable) return. Then you will print and review your return to make sure it is complete and correct. Once you are satisfied you can mail or e-file your return. If you e-file your e-file status will then be "Pending".

The next step after you e-file is to come back to on the next business day and click on "Check My E-file Status" on the right. If your status is "Rejected", the I-CAN!® E-File status page will tell you what to do to correct your return if possible. You may be able to e-file again or you may need to mail your return. Once your status is "Accepted", your tax return will be filed with the IRS. If you also e-filed your state return, after your federal return is accepted, come back to I-CAN!® in 2 business days (not including weekends) to check the status of your state return. At this point, if you are due a refund, you can click the links on the right sidebar under "Where's my refund?" to track your federal (and state, if applicable) refund.


If your status is "Pending" or "Rejected" that means that you have not yet filed your return. If you choose not to e-file at any point you can print your forms and mail them in.

Deadlines for Tax Returns: As long as you have e-filed your federal (and state, if applicable) return before April 16th, you have until April 22nd to get it accepted. If it is accepted by April 22nd, it is considered to be filed on time. If it is not accepted by April 22nd, you have until April 28th to print it and mail it in.

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